Sunday, July 24, 2011

Most sought after leadership quality

We all aspire to be motivating and exemplary leaders. Some are born leaders and some learn the tricks of the trade on the job and there are some that are always learning and getting better. Haven't you often wondered what is the most sought after leadership quality? There are of course a lot of qualities a great leader needs to have but there is got to be one gem.
         In my mind, great leaders are those that listen to their people. They obviously have the decision making power and skills but before they make their decisions, they need to listen to their people. Listening is a tricky art, there are some who listen but don't comprehend. There are some who listen but cannot convey it back to their people that they have listened and are now acting on the feedback. And there are some who think, while they are listening, on how to respond to comments because they are not truly listening!
        Listening to your people and where they are coming from is a great leadership tool. If you listen to what problems they are facing and decide to act on those problems in a practical way, it can go a very long ways in terms of establishing yourself as a true leader. Even if there is no clear solution in sight, simply communicating that you have heard the problem, is a good start.
       When employees feel that they have been heard, it puts their mind to rest, it makes them more productive and most of all, it makes them respect their leaders.

Aditi Chopra is an experienced leader in the software industry.
She is a consultant, writer and a leader.
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