Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Myths of Leadership

Leadership is a complex skill. We are constantly defining and re-defining it. We are researching it and understanding the complexities so we can produce better leaders. 

Here are some myths about leadership

  • A good leader is a good coach : This is certainly a myth. There are some leaders who are visionaries. People aspire to be like them. But these leaders are not necessarily coaching other individuals.
  • A leader is one with a high rank : There are times when a person speaks in a crowd and everyone listens and this person does not hold any high rank. What they have is personal power. One doesn't need a high rank in order to be called a leader.
  • A good leader is always predictable : Consistency and predictability are certainly good qualities. However a good leader is one who surprises us with his hidden strength and talent when a situation demands it.
  • A leader only has strengths : This is undoubtedly a myth. We all know that as human beings we all have strengths and weaknesses. So does a leader. However, a good leader is aware of his or her weakness and knows how to work around it.

    Aditi Chopra is an experienced leader in the software industry.
    She is a consultant, writer and a leader.
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