Tuesday, October 22, 2013

How to handle project transition?

As professionals, we have all come across circumstances where we have to either transition out or transition into an ongoing project. This is a tricky exchange and one needs to be prepared to ensure a smooth transition. For instance, a good practice is to make a checklist of items to be checked off for a transition. 

Here are some tips on making an effective project transition
  • Every project manager has his own way of managing a project. His way could be different from yours. If you are transitioning into an ongoing project, take some time to look at the details. Ensure that you are not missing any details even though the current project manager may have done a good job on handing over the project to you.
  • Do a level set of the current state of the project with all stakeholders. This ensures that everyone is on the same page in terms of what deficiency or shortcomings you may be inheriting.
  • Take some time to study the current state of the project, strategize on your path forward and then communicate to all stakeholders. This is a good opportunity to ask for more resources, change in milestones, etc. if the situation demands it.
  • In every project, there are some critical parts that should not be changed. Even though your ways of managing the project may be different from how the project was managed before, don't make the mistake of throwing out those critical parts of the project.
  • Most importantly, refrain from criticizing the previous project manager. He did his best and now you own the project and you are doing your best in managing it. Know that everyone has their own style and respecting each other's style is a good business etiquette.

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